Thursday, July 1, 2010

What am I , Chopped Liver?

So I mostly think no one ever reads my blog. People always ask me for recipes and ideas, and I send them here to get them, and I take the time to make recipes and write them down for you, but do I get feedback? NOOOOOOOOO! As far as I know, nobody even reads this or uses any of my recipes. Is it worth my time to keep this up? I need some love, people!

Let me know. ;-)


  1. I can't lie to you, Karen. Your rabbit-food recipes can't entice me. I saw you suffer for too long to change now. Grease runs through my veins, not blood; it is the way of Louisiana; it is my heritage. I love unhealthy food, and no amount of vegetarian, butter-free, low-sodium, low-cholesterol, low-life health foods will change it. But since you will most likely DIE if you eat my food, I understand that you have to learn how to cook yummy things using mashed carrots and things. It's ok. I forgive you.

    Ok but honestly I really really like your blog and I read it!!!! :) hahahaha

  2. I read your blog. I love you K-Mo! You are not chopped liver. Will you read my blog? :)

  3. Umm, I told you I read your blog. Every other weekish. Seriously. I might not try all the recipes, but I want to! haha.

    By the way, bachelorette dinner = success! I ended up having to change a lot of the menu but it still worked and I gave you credit for helping me with it all!

    Love and miss you! And PS. This comment is from my pen name, so don't get confused.


  4. LOL Abes....I'm glad you read it too! I'll have to post a recipe for you...any requests?

    I'm so glad the bachelorette dinner worked out! Did you end up doing the muffins?

    <3 Moe

  5. I read your blog, I was just down in Florida for the past week and I was working all day 'till I crashed. :( C'mon! You've gotta believe me....