Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Festivals and Birthdays

So here's my post for the whole weekend - I tried quite a few new recipes that turned out really well!
Saturday, I went to a Fall Festival for our housing area, and it was SO NICE because the weather was perfect! And my little sister won a Chik-fil-A gift basket 30 seconds after we got there...haha it was awesome :-)

I woke up Saturday morning and decided to make a breakfast burrito. So, I sauteed up some onions and yellow peppers, a bit of potato, and mixed it with 1 scrambled egg and 1 organic sausage, and wrapped it up in a sprouted grain wrap with a bit of shredded cheese. It was sooo good! I love breakfast food!

For lunch, it wasn't very healthy...they had hamburgers, which I ate without a bun, and some chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A, plus some pickles...mmmyeah.

We had a really late dinner because we went to 5:30 Mass and then people were out...we didn't eat till about 9 pm, as we were watching the football game. Anyway, we decided to have breakfast for dinner too - a true American tradition! We had the same egg thing I had for breakfast, minus the wrap, and my sister and I tried The Spunky Coconut's grain free waffles, while everyone else ate regular white flour death waffles. Mine turned out really good, they were very tasty with a bit of Polaner's Black Cherry 100% fruit jam on them, but they weren't really like waffles at all - they were very soft and floppy, not crispy at all. We actually used leftover batter this morning to try them as pancakes, and I liked them better that way (of course that had nothing to do with the fact I threw a few chocolate chips in them.. ;-)

I keep trying to cook on non-death pans though, because I know Teflon will definitely kill you, but all these non-nonstick pans are so hard to cook on! The first batch of pancakes were completely obliterated. Then I tried putting a TON of coconut oil on the pan (I had just used Earth Balance at first), and it worked a lot better, luckily. Still though...does anybody know of better pans that won't kill you??

Let's was my youngest sister's birthday...I was pretty sure she was 7 the last time I checked, but apparently she's 15. How does this happen, when clearly I haven't gotten any older??

  • 5 lil pancakes, made from leftover waffle batter
  • Taco salad - organic romaine lettuce, black olives, canned corn, cherry tomatos, shredded Mexican cheese, dressing made of salsa and sour cream (not the best health-wise, admittedly), crumbled Fritos, chunked Mexican flavored organic chicken
  • Garlic roasted chicken
  • sweet potato casserole (mashed sweet potatoes, agave, honey, eggs, cinnamon, with a toasted pecan topping, baked...I'll get the actual recipe lol)
  • fresh corn on the cob
  • Grain free carrot cake with cream cheese frosting - This turned out really well too! I would make some changes tasted more like carrot muffins, so I might put more sweetener in next time. Also, it pretty much EXPLODED when I tried to take it out of the cake pan, so I'd suggest parchment paper in the bottom. Really good though, very moist! I'll post pics later too :-)

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