Monday, November 23, 2009

Having been properly chastised...

Sooooo, I know. I haven't posted in a long time. Again. I was down visiting my friends at college again this weekend, and my dear friend was kind enough to bring this to my attention (not that I didn't already know... ;-) But anyway, since he has reprimanded me, I thought I better get crackin!

The only problem is...I haven't been eating anything normal or interesting. For some reason, a lot of my health problems are coming back. I get sick almost every time I eat again now, which hasn't happened for years. And it shouldn't be happening, given everything I have been doing and continue to do to keep it under control. It is very frustrating, and I would appreciate prayers if you can spare some :-) I'd like to get this figured out and fixed, if possible.

Sooo instead of posting stuff about food, I'm going to share my latest discovery. Well, not really latest, haha, but it's a great one!

So I am pretty much an all-natural health hippie, if you hadn't noticed. I hate using ANYTHING with chemicals in it - it freaks me out. And I've always had bad skin, and I've tried just about everything out there to make it better, and nothing ever really worked. I actually went on antibiotics for about 2 years before I knew the horrors of antibiotics, and that helped my skin a lot - unfortunately, that's what originally DESTROYED my stomach. Sooo I'm not doin that again.

Anyway, I'm always looking for products that are ACTUALLY all natural. Not the ones that SAY "All Natural" and then actually contain DMDM Hydantoin (a preservative that releases formaldehyde into the product. Um, I'm sorry, but last time I checked I wasn't trying to transform myself into that cat cadaver I dissected in Anatomy and Physiology...)

I couldn't find any good face washes that didn't irritate the heck out of my skin or have chemicals in them, so I decided, "Hey, why not try making my own?" Ahhh, the wonderful world of Google :-D Seriously, you can find out how to do ANYTHING on the internet. I did some searches, found what ingredients were common among a lot of the recipes, and whipped up a batch. And you know what? Nothing I've ever used has made my skin so SOFT, non-oily, and clear. Now, I'm not going to claim a miracle. I have bad skin anyway, and this didn't cure it, but it helped SO much more than other things I've tried! And it's not full of JUNK THAT WILL KILL YOU!!! And it's so cheap and easy!! AMAZING!

Seriously, people rely on chemical trash WAY TOO MUCH. I am absolutely convinced God gave us everything we need in nature. That doesn't mean I'm not thankful for modern technology and scientific discoveries - I am - but people rely on them way too much and over-use them. Nature is beautiful, and safe, and it WORKS.

So I will now share with you my miracle recipe for, as my family calls it when they see me walking around with it on, "Breakfast Face Wash" :-D

Breakfast Face Wash
  • Take some whole grain oats (organic is great if you've got it!) and put them in a coffee grinder (this is great for absorbing oil and exfoliating)
  • Throw in a few coffee beans (to help constrict pores and improve circulation)
  • Grind well
  • Pour in some honey and whole organic milk until mixture is a good consistency - you should be able to rub it on your face without it just running off. Let it sit for a while and it will get thicker as the oatmeal absorbs the moisture, and you may have to add some more milk. The fat in the milk, and the honey, are both great for moisturizing your face.
Rub on your face and leave on for a few minutes - usually about 10 - then rinse off with warm water, then splash your face with cold water, and VOILA! Your face will feel smooth as a baby's butt. Although I've always wondered why you would want your face to feel like the back end of a tiny human....but that's another story for another day.

Anyway, I hope this has been enlightening and that it works for you. I love it! I just mix up a small batch and keep it in the jar in the fridge (you can't make a lot b/c it will rot).

Oh, and my lovely roomie told me about another face mask she loves, which I haven't tried yet, but it's supposed to tighten pores and help get rid of red spots leftover from old acne. Apparently you just take egg whites and add a bit of lemon juice and let it sit on your face for a while. I'm going to try that soon too!

Well, I must go now, my lovely readers...if you long and prosper.

....and do yourself a favor and stop using regular cosmetics. I will put up another post soon about exactly why...but to give you a small taste of how horrific cosmetics are (since there is actually no regulation whatsoever as to their ingredients), let me just tell you a lot of them contain ingredients such as....wait for it.....ANIMAL POOP.

On that lovely note, sweet dreams! ;-D

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