Monday, October 19, 2009

Wax paper ≠ Parchment paper

Ugggh, I have been SO BAD about posting lately! But life has been crazy. Well, not that it isn't usually....but it's been GOOD crazy, in that I've spent a lot of time having a LIFE and SOCIALIZING with people!! Aren't you proud?! Instead of just working 24/7. T'was good :-)

Anyway, the title of this entry (profound, I know) is in reference to a recipe I tried today. A newly-discovered gluten-free friend of mine (the gluten-free is newly discovered, not the friend) was in town this weekend, and was lamenting over the fact that it seems there's nothing she can eat. BOY, DO I KNOW THE FEELING. "But there is hope!" sayeth I. Namely, ALMOND FLOUR. This seriously has been THE GREATEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD. Not that I can eat sliced bread anyway...but you get the picture.

SO, I was going to see her one last time tonight before she left town, and I decided to make her a new almond flour chocolate chip cookie recipe I found. Well, we whipped them up, but we don't have coconut sugar, so we used agave nectar, which made the dough too runny. On top of that, genius me used WAX PAPER instead of PARCHMENT paper on the cookie sheets. So the timer rings, I open the oven, and out pours a huge cloud of smoke, followed by runny cookies covered in melted wax. EPIC FAIL. Unfortunately I didn't have time to remake them, so friend went without amazing gluten free cookies :-( I shall give her the recipe, though. My sister made more after I left, and they turned out pretty good - careful though, because almond flour recipes burn SO QUICKLY. Ours were a bit toasty, and...non-dense for my taste. They were vegan, so had no eggs (I think they might have been better with them).
Anyway...the recipe is saved on the other computer, so I'll have to add the link later. It wasn't the best recipe anyway...but definitely very decent. And would probably work better if you actually FOLLOWED the recipe, instead of always being a rebel like me ;-)

Sooo the moral of the story: wax paper does not fare well in the oven.

  • 2 organic eggs, 1 slice almond rice bread with pepper jelly
  • nitrate/preservative-free roast beef, spinach, tomatoes, organic mustard, canola oil mayo on a rice wrap
  • passion fruit coconut water
  • organic granny smith apple with sunbutter
  • vegetable-y chili: carrots, celery, onions, ground turkey, chili beans, kidney beans, mustard greens, garlic, Spike, chili powder, crushed tomatoes - SO GOOD - an original of my mommy's, to cater to my vegetable-dense dietary needs :-)
  • stewed cinnamon apples
Then I went out with friends for a birthday, and I had a slice of cheesecake, minus the crust........which was a really bad choice. Not as bad as it COULD have been, but.......ooooh is my tummy rebelling now. Hmm. Perhaps a fiber smoothie is in order.

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