Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Rosemary is just such a SPLENDID spice, don't you think? It's so fresh and crisp tasting, and there is just nothing like the smell of it when you walk past a bush of it and catch a good whiff. MmmMm! I like to use it in a lot of things, por ejemplo, the chicken salad I made for lunch today!

  • smoothie with 1 apple, handful almonds, flax seeds, 1/2 c organic yogurt, ice cubes
  • 1 deliciously magical pumpkin pie almond flour muffin made last night *HEAVENNNN!*
  • chicken salad:
  1. 1 can organic chicken
  2. some diced apple
  3. some chopped walnuts
  4. a dash of rosemary
  5. spritz of lemon juice
  6. drizzle of olive oil
  7. squirt of balsamic vinegar
  8. salt and pepper
  • sliced cucumber from the garden, to eat with chicken salad instead of using crackers
  • 1/2 apple
Snack(s) yeah I guess I was hungry today...
  • banana and homemade almond butter
  • bowl of peanut butter Puffins in raw milk (which is aaaamazing!)
  • another delish pumpkin muffin

So today was a pretty good food day. It's so bad....when I was gone all summer, I was SO GOOD about my diet. I really almost never ate a single bite of anything I wasn't supposed to. Now, I'm back home, there's TONS of blacklisted food in the house, and often not much or ANY food I am allowed, and my mom makes stuff that's kinda borderline....and just like sin, I start out small - "Oh, it's ok if I eat this wrap, it's only a LITTLE bit of gluten...and I can eat ONE dark chocolate once in a while.." - next thing you know, I'm eating entire loaves of French bread in one sitting and dunking an entire bag of oreos in a huge pitcher of milk. Suicide by gluten and sugar intake.

....ok, so maybe it's not quite THAT bad ;-) But you catch my drift. So I'm trying to be better again, very strict and ACTUALLY not eating anything I'm not supposed to. Mums is making a huge health food store run tomorrow, which should increase my chances of success greatly :-D And I'm actually working out every day, even if it's only for a little while, which will also help my blood sugar calm the heck down. *crosses fingers*

Anyway...I gotta go read about how to become rich so I can afford my highly organic lifestyle when I'm on my own ;-) Peace out!

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