Thursday, September 10, 2009

ADD to the Max

So. I get these ideas where I'll be all gung-ho for about, oh...a few days. Maybe a few weeks, even. For instance, keeping a journal while studying in Europe. I had every intention of writing in it every day. It lasted for 2 days. When I was little, I did ballet for about a month, then got bored of it b/c I was only 4 and they wouldn't let us do stuff I thought was cool enough. Same w/gymnastics - I didn't want to be on the stupid balance beam on the floor - I wanted to be doing backflips from the high bar!!! And Brownies too, same story...yeah, I'm basically too ADD to ever finish anything.

Which brings me to the fact that I definitely haven't been posting in here every day like I wanted. Partly b/c life has been crazy, and I haven't been really eating ANYTHING inspiring or good at all, so it's just embarrassing to even TELL you what it's been. Really, it's mostly been random meals of apple and almond butter and some yogurt. Dumb. And this weekend won't be any better, b/c I'll be traveling.
BUT...since I'm traveling, I spent all evening baking delicious magical goodies to bring with me on my trip!

First, I made more of those AAAAMAZING breakfast bars I posted before - except this time they were a little dry, so I added some pineapple juice to them, and used dried unsulfured apricot for the fruit. YUMMM! And on Elana's site, I found another recipe for almond flour/flax meal muffins. And LET me tell you ....first, I am AMAZED at how well they turned out! The actually rose, and don't fall apart, and FEEL like real muffins!!! Mine were sadly kinda tasteless tho, but we can easily fix that. I would recommend probably using coconut oil instead of olive oil, maybe putting more dates in it to make it sweeter, or adding some agave nectar. Or make cinnamon apple muffins, I think that'd be good too.
And tomorrow morning...I'm makin WAFFLES!

...ok, no I'm not. I just had to say that. Really, I'm making this Greena Colada, and I'm sooo excited :-D

Ummm ok. Just wanted to post SOMETHING. But I'm going to bed now.

*P.S. for Erin M., I am tagging entries that remind me especially of you and are full of magical things you would love, with "Roomie Love." Read, cook, enjoy, and relish in the gluten-free goodness!! <3 <3 <3

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  1. Hey love! Thanks again for the fabulous muffins! Great job w/ the blog thus far. I'm excited to try the Greena Colada as well. :) Love love love