Monday, September 7, 2009

Today, class...

Sooo the past 2 days have been so utterly crazy and un-inspired foodwise, I'm really not even going to waste your time by writing what I ate. Because it will not help you at all.

Instead, I shall write of the importance of whole food supplements! YAYY!!! And of supplementation in general.

SO. Our soil has been ridiculously depleted by the over-working of fields, the pesticides and herbicides sprayed on them, etc. They lack most of the vitamins and minerals that used to be found in soil. Thus, when we plant food in this soil, it then grows into nutritionally-deficient crops. Because of this, it is impossible to get all the vitamins and minerals we REALLY need solely from what we eat. Can't be done. Add on to that the fact that all the environmental toxins we come into contact with have greatly decreased our bodies' ability to absorb nutrients, and you have a big problem on your hands.

Due to a lack of nutrients, many people find themselves lacking energy, getting sick often, feeling like death in general, etc. Luckily, though, there are some pretty easy things you can do to start feeling better! The first is to EAT BETTER if you eat junk right now. On top of that, though, here are the 3 major supplements you'll want to add to get you feeling tip-top!
  1. Whole food multivitamin/mineral - Good brands are Rainbow Light, Standard Process, Jarrow, Biotics. Whole food vitamins, as opposed to synthesized vitamins such as Centrum or something, are VITAL. Whole food vitamins, believe it or not, are made from real food, but concentrated so you get all the goodness in capsule size. Synthesized forms of vitamins are actually stereoisomers, which means they are the mirror image of the actual vitamin found in food. And guess what, kids? OUR BODIES CAN'T USE THEM. You will pee 'em right out. AND they are also made of petroleum too, which is just disgusting. Who wants to eat petroleum?? Whole food vitamins are the wayyy to go.
  2. Vitamin D - Recent research has been showing that this is incredibly important in helping to prevent all sorts of diseases, especially cancer (had a HUGE impact on breast cancer statistics). Amazingly, most of the population is hugely deficient in this vitamin, greatly because we're taught to fear the sun, so we don't produce as much as we should. Even if you do get sun though, you're likely deficient. 1000mg a day will do wonders - I like the liquid or emulsified Biotics Bio-D Mulsion 1000 because your body can absorb it more easily than solid form - 1 drop a day!
  3. Fish oil - hugely important for cardiovascular health, immune health, and BRAIN FUNCTION, for all you students! Omega 3's are where it's at! You can also get these from flax oil. If you get fish oil, make sure it is a good mercury-free brand, not some cheapo Walmart brand. Nordic Naturals is excellent, as is Standard Process, Jarrow, Nutribiotics. And you might want to buy ones with lemon oil in them, and take them before you go to bed, else you'll be burpin' up fish taste allll day long, and let me tell you...that is not a pleasant experience.
Those are the BIG 3. I would also HUGELY recommend a good Probiotic tho - it will SERIOUSLY get rid of almost any stomach ailment you have, plus boost your immune system amazingly. If you still lack energy, Klamath Blue Green Algae worked WONDERS for me! I took a couple in the morning, and then if I needed an extra boost I'd take 1 or 2 more in the afternoon. FAN-freakin-TASTIC.

Ok so that was my little lesson for today...though writing all this made me want sooo badly to go into detail about every subject...but THAT, my dears, will have to wait till another time. Cause I got me an FSU vs. Miami game to watch!


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