Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hear ye, hear ye. There have been accusations of this being a lame blog. I will not mention any names *mary* but I resent such comments. In an effort to un-lameify my blog, I am now posting this entry.
I haven't written in here in a while because, honestly, I feel that my meals HAVE been extremely lame the past 2 weeks, and completely uninspired. And then that would just force you (if there ARE any "you"s out there who actually read this...) to to read about the half an apple and awkward jello smoothie that I drank. I've just been traveling a lot which doesn't afford time or creativity for good meals. BUT tomorrow begins a new week, so I promise to make a better effort to eat exciting healthy things again and post them for you.

But I don't want to keep posting stuff if no one reads it either. Because I have better things I could be doing with my time (like working my 5 jobs...or sleeping). is my attempt at un-lameification:
Hot Pockets

Have a nice life, everyone.

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